dr-sindy-newman-home.jpgDr Sindy Newman MB, BS

For over 20 years Dr Sindy Newman has treated thousands of patients successfully for weight loss. During her work in preventative medicine, she recognised the serious threat that medical obesity would pose to public health. With this in mind she set up clinics in major towns in the North West to deal with what would become an epidemic and a more serious health issue than smoking.

Through a combination of lifestyle management and medication for appetite control, many patients have avoided major surgery. Their risk of developing serious illnesses has been reduced, and they enjoy a better quality of life, physically and psychologically.

By supporting patients throughout the programme and into the weight loss phase, Dr Newman has established a highly successful and effective programme, that is accessible to anyone who is medically overweight.

Dr Newman was educated at Withington Girl's School, Manchester and qualified in medicine from University College Hospital, London.

She carried out her postgraduate training in Toronto, London and the Greater Manchester Area.

She pioneered private health screening, with the aim of making private medicine more affordable to the general public. She set up and independent private medical facility, Newlands Centre, Chorley New Road, Bolton - which is now recognised as one of the largest privately owned medical centres in the UK.

In addition to her work at her private clinics, Dr Sindy is actively involved in fundraising for charities both locally and internationally. She is the Lancashire President of The British Red Cross - where she has been instrumental in setting up the Hospital & Home Service at The Blackpool Victoria Hospital, founding member and Chair of the British Tiffany Circle, a member of the American National Council for the Tiffany Circle - as an International Delegate, UK Partner for The Kim Foundation and Chairperson of Parents and Friends Association of King Edward VII & Queen Mary School, Lancashire. 




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