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‘I was worried no one would know I was here'

CASE STUDY - Susan Wright

Weighing over 17 stone left Susan Wright housebound - and aware she would die because of her weight unless she took drastic action. The 54-year-old mother-of-five said:

“Four years ago I got to a point where I couldn’t go out of my flat.

“I was in and out of hospital with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, I had nurses coming out every day, I had a nebuliser and an oxygen tank at home, I had a home help and I had to have injections in my knees and lower back because of the pain.

“I was also very depressed and worried what would happen to me if I fell ill in my flat.“

I was worried about getting out and that nobody would know I was there,”

Susan said she was always slim as a youngster, and apart from putting on a little weight after having her second child, was always between a size 12 and 14 and cooked healthily for her family.

She said: I always cooked the kids a good meal and ate well, but after they all left home, I got into a bit of an eating rut and started putting weight on. “I never used to cook for myself then. I’d get a lot of takeaways and ready meals, and I’d have things like bread and chocolate.

“I didn’t do any exercise either, so there were a few problems.”

Two years ago, Susan, from Morecambe, got in touch with Dr Sindy Newman from Diet UK in Preston for help. She was put on a course of medication to keep her appetite under control, she changed her eating habits and was asked to keep a food diary, and she started walking. Thanks to a plan to help her shed the pounds, she now weighs in the region of lost 91b. She said: “When I first went I was a little apprehensive, but when the weight started falling off I was eager to go again and again. ‘Dr Newman looks at everything, you’re whole lifestyle.

“Since losing the weight, I feel like a different woman. My chest is great, I don’t have any problems with my knees or lower back, and I’m not dependant on any welfare help.“

I have only been to the doctors four times in the past two years.”

She added: “I still have a bit to lose -1 want to get down to 10st - but I have bags of confidence.

“I’ve had a haircut, I’ve had my teeth done, and I even went on holiday by myself, which I’d never have done before.

“Everyone’s so proud of how well I’ve done.”


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