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One in five 10 year old's clinically obese

Reacting to a story that one in five 10 year olds are clinically obese and school uniform manufacturers are having to make uniform 16 sizes larger than average, DR SINDY NEWMAN, from Diet UK, said being obese can have a detrimental affect on a child’s wellbeing, both physically and psychologically:

“Being overweight or obese can have a devastating impact on a child’s life. “Children get bullied enough without being bullied for being overweight – it can lead to very severe social exclusion. “Not only that, they will be prone to developing diabetes, high blood pressure and cancers as well as having a shortened life span. “What is most tragic about it is that it is completely preventable. “Years ago when children were suffering from polio and TB we didn’t have the medication to deal with it but this is entirely preventable. “Families, schools and communities have a responsibility to make a change and ensure that children are not becoming overweight. “There are a lot of social reasons why this epidemic is happening, particularly the break down of the family. “Children don’t know that they are overweight and their parents must understand the impact that this has on their child’s health. “Education is key. “Children are marketed to and targeted by massive corporations – they see the adverts on the television and think that it is ok to eat this awful food. “I totally despair about it. It really does break my heart – children are suffering because of other people’s greed.”


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