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Top tips for keeping weight off this Festive Season

You have worked really hard to lose weight and to look your best. 
Follow the tips below to keep the weight off.

1. Plan well ahead. Identify which events will have food and alcohol that will tempt you. Decide beforehand what you are going to do.

If you do over eat don’t be disheartened, just make sure that you go back to the diet plan as soon as you can.

2. Keep a food diary. Be honest as it is easy to deceive yourself.

3. If you are entertaining or drinking from home,exercise portion control and measure alcohol out. It is easy to pour out more than you intended.

4. Try not to buy more than you will genuinely need. Donate any extra food after the festive season to a food bank. They will be grateful for it.

5. Keep up with short, frequent spells of exercise. Ten minutes of walking, skipping, stepping etc can be beneficial to keep you focused on your well being. Engage other members of the family and friends if you can.

6. Keep a holiday photograph or special invitation for next year in the kitchen, to remind yourself of how you want to look in the New Year. Remember there is life after Christmas!!


Have a wonderful time and see you in the New Year.  



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