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Sophia Tomlinson 1 st 6 pounds lost in 23 days

I joined Diet UK in January of this year, I found the website online when looking for different diets. I was desperate to find a diet that would work as I had managed to gain over 2 stone in a little under 6 months. 

I went down to Diet UK not overly sure what to expect and feeling like nothing would ever work, but I was proven wrong. Dr Newman has been nothing but wonderful. She and her team are 100% behind every patient and I've never felt more supported.

I can't believe that I'm only 23 days down the line and I have managed to loose 1 stone and 6 pounds, I feel like a completely new me and I've not even hit my goal yet! Diet UK has most certainly been the easiest weight loss programme to follow, with plenty of meal options and weight loss tips to keep you going. 

I must send out a massive thank you to Dr Newman and her team for all the ongoing support they give me. I don't know what I'd do without them! I would always recommend Diet UK to anyone who is wanting to loose weight in the future. 

Thanks again, Diet UK


Day 1 Sophia


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